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Send a Cake Online to Your Love

Cake has become so famous that the moment can’t become more gorgeous without cake. Suppose you are away from your queen, girlfriend, or wife. And her birthday is coming next. Now how will you wish for her birthday? You can send a cake to her. With this gift, you show her that you don’t forget that particular day. Also, she will be surprised and happy. You can add one more thing for her. That is a flower bouquet, and this thing will remind her of you. So don’t delay. Place the order quickly for fresh cake delivery to your promised location.

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Chocolate Dream Cake

₱799.00 ( $ 15.50 )

₱1599.00 ( $ 31.02 )

Cake for Grandpa’s Birthday

Grandpa’s favorite person is their grandchild. They spend their whole time playing with them. So they have massive bones growing from our childhood. We also have some responsibility to them. One of them is to make him smile and be happy. And we should meet them when we have free time. They will be satisfied with it. 


So when his birthday comes, never miss honoring this day. Because it is one of the good opportunities to give him a surprise and happiness, you must require a cake and a gift for him. I suggest you carry a flower bouquet for him. With it, your grandma will also be thrilled. So come to our online flower and cake shop, San Juan Flora, for our desired offerings. 

Chocolates Cake With Flower Bouquets

When we start planning for observing a moment, the cake becomes the top of the list. So why will you miss this sort of chance? Because nowadays it has become a practice to cut the cake for every celebration. That is one of the adequate cultures now. Because with it, you can spread love and happiness very quickly.


So if you want to celebrate any special moment for your most loved person, you can go with our package. Here you will obtain the most suited offerings with cake for your most beloved person. So hold both at a very fair price and come to our online platform, San Juan Flora. And set your gift order and enjoy our swift delivery service also.

Any Zone Cake Delivery in the Philippines

Now, check if the gift has been delivered to your place before deciding on the present. Because not all online platforms can provide the best offerings in the Philippines, this is mainly the case with small businesses. But if you purchase offerings from us, you aren't required to face these issues. 


Because we have our expert delivery team with them, we deliver your gift all over the Philippines. Also, we have exact-day delivery assistance on our website, San Juan Flora. It will be more suitable if you read our shipping policy once. But it would help if you had to obey our shipping policy.

Surprise Gift Box Cake Delivery Service

Surprise gift delivery is that sort of service that you won’t find everywhere. It is one of the challenging tasks. Because here we can’t contact the offerings acceptor. We have to find out the address on our own. The whole plan will be destroyed if we reach the gift receiver. So we are required to do this job very silently. 


So if you are far from your most beloved person, and you have to surprise that person on your birthday with cake, then you are in the correct location. Because we provide the same service all over the Philippines, but our shipping policy will be strongly applicable here because it is a sensitive assignment.